About Me


I'm Rachel Entzminger-Lloyd a very single Parent to my teenager daughter,       Julia Rose Gonzalez. Living a life of Faith, Family, Food, Fashion, Flea Markets and sharing a little of my life unexpected. I received the Lord as my Savior a few years ago. I learn with each passing day to stop resisting the I think, I feel I wish mantra and walk in the sufficiency of his perfect plan.

My blog represents that such journey.

. My passion is photography and blogging. You'll find a variety of topics and pictures. A vision board style blog and life for that matter.

15 Random Facts About Me to get to know me a little better.

1. I'm afraid of snails.
2. I facilitate a class on craving God more than my addiction to yummy food.  
3. Allergic to cigarette smoke.
4. I love the library.
5. I owned a  Movado watch that at times ,still miss.
6. I love to cook.
7. September 10,2016 will mark 5 years of not dating, not even going out for coffee.
8. I cried for days when Sonny and Cher divorced.
9. I have work a lot. Living in California you kinda have to right?
10. I get asked all the time if I'm Middle Eastern wishing I knew the language.
 11. I went through an extensive Remote Viewer Certification  Course with an ex CIA Agent.
12. Fished in Alaska and caught salmon.
13. Give amazing massages.
14. I have a green thumb and love gardening.
15. I love Pilates.

There you have it!
I'd love to met you ! 

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