Sunday, March 29, 2020

7 Steps to Combat Fears due to The Coronavirus Quarantine

Week 2 of having a full Sunday off.

It's 12:28pm  and I'm still in bed. 😳It's been so long I can't remember when I ever stayed in bed so late. 🤷

Other than that, I'm still working both jobs. For now-anyway. Still commuting and frequenting the grocery store because I have a small fridge.

 My life hasn't changed other than Sundays off. I'm an introvet, what can I say.

Living in uncertainty is our new normal. The questions, the social distancing and reports of shortages can be overwheming. People react in different ways.

With humor(totally me) , seriousness, to do list and finding their new normal.

Whatever category you fall in and find yourself,
put fear aside and find the strength to improve your situation. Reach out for help. Look within;give yourself grace and start looking at ways to improve your situation.

My 7 GO TO'S

1. Personal Talks with God.

2. Be honest with your tribe.

Discuss those fears within the home. Dialogue because some have great poker faces others will suck the negative right out of your positive vibe and youll want to leave that tribe. 😬 Awe, made a little rap. 😂

3. Explain to the children and Young Adults. Yes, Young Adults.

You know them best - give them a sense of security for their appropriate age group. Have that conversation. Get them talking.

4. Plan financial scenarios with your significant other.

 Share a bankstatment for true numbers and evaluate what can be eliminated for the following month. Whose the spender, the saver. Has one managed the money and the other is blind to finances? Have a conversation.

5.   Research, research and research reliable resources.

 Friends and friends of friends sharing from their part of town sharing their peaks and curves of outbreak. Someone in my little city shared they were out of paper towels yet within minutes others shared the stores within the same area had an ample supply.

6. Doing your part.

 I was in the Target parking lot yesterday and a car pulled up alongside me while a family was in a truck waiting in the next stall over . They exchanged toilet paper for some board games. Neighbors helping neighbors- reaching out.

7.  The number seven is considered a lucky number. Count your blessings. Be grateful. You're  in this with the people you do life with.
Doing  life with those means doing it with love, grace, patience and kindness. Yes, daily  life can be messy yet if we do it with respect and a Godly heart - we can get through this.

Just my 2 cents ❤
Have a blessed Sunday ❤

Saturday, March 21, 2020

The Dynamic Trio Vibe

Thursday, March 12, 2020

I'm so going to try this soon.
I'll add some vitality oils to my monthly well box. I'll share a video soon.

Monday, September 9, 2019

Finding light In a rose.

Walking The Daniel Plan and advertising with grace.

Our small group at church is starting The Daniel Plan. Here are suggestions for graphics when planning a small group.

Friday, September 6, 2019

3 Quick Make Up Touch ups when you're running late

Quick stop at Target from work to an event.

1. Elf Eyeliner Pen. $3.00
Adding black eyeliner over eyelashes adds a little pick me up!
2. Elf Matte Lip Color $4.00
I elected   the color praline because it reminded me of ice cream.
3. Green Tea Frappucini with an add shot, with a hint of whipped cream and caramel drizzle.

I feel better already.

Julia and Nathan's Yosemite Wedding August 10, 2019