Monday, May 9, 2022

Emerge Men's Conference 2022 // RECAP

Mother's Day 2022 - Pastor Scotty James

Friday, February 18, 2022

Freebie Fridays


Every Friday Rachel Rose Mercantile Page has a free giveaway. Come check it out. 

Items from The Body Shop at Home, Avon, Young Living and more. 

Some Examples. 

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Friday, February 4, 2022

My Money My Taking Back Control of your Financial Life by Kumiko Love


via The Budget Mom

her story 

Ordered extra My Money My Way books by Kimiko Love for friends. 

                                                              Link to purchase her book

Definitely worth the time to implement Miko's money principals. Its never too late or too soon. Breathe, sit and learn money management.  

Saturday, January 22, 2022

January 22, 2022- Saturday Declutter Crew Week 4 of January.

 Saturday Declutter Crew  

Week 4 of January. 

How do you feel now after being intentional or lets say mindful of your sleep/ bed surroundings? 

 Having a week left to finish up my 4 corners seems daunting, but I have to push myself or  I will get no where fast, right? 

Did you small wins in other areas? I know some in this group did little in their bedrooms yet accomplish more in other areas and that's wonderful. These exercises and suggestions are guidelines to eventually get around to your entire living space. 

This will get you thinking of where to remove and declutter certain high traffic areas. How about your closet in your bedroom? What does that look like for you? How many  different sizes of clothes do you have ? Have you heard of the the old trick where you place all hangers in the same direction. after wearing them and being laundered- put them the opposite direction so in 3 months you will see from the hanger direction which clothes you didn't wear once. Even do it every 6 months to cover your seasonal wardrobe. 

The end of January is coming near. Do you have a plan of attack for the last week discussing our bedrooms? Again, you are going to get out of this -  the time and effort you put into it. Have some reflection time and see what you want and can do this last week. 

Take pictures of what your bedroom looks like. What does it represent after 3 weeks? Three Saturdays. Was there effort? A desire? Too sick? Too tired? Too Busy? Totally unmotivated? You know what you are capable of. You know your desires and excuses. At times, we have to get out of our own way. And just do. 

May this week be better then last week. You got this. xoxo




Launch of a new website for The Body Shop at Home coming 01.24.22

 Friends on Monday there will be a launch of the new Body Shop at Home website. It will be 100% nicer, faster and more user friendly then the archaic one they had. I will share the link and for now here’s pictures of some of the sale items.