Thursday, May 24, 2018

Premium Starter Kits on Sale


Friday, April 20, 2018

Amethyst Necklace at Jamul Feed Store

 Wanted to share this little gem. Cute ,huh? Our local feed store now has a consignment shop in the very front of the store .There's an array of pretty things.
 I'll share pictures soon.

I've been on this purple lavender phase ever since.
What's your favorite gem stone? 

Monday, January 1, 2018

January Declutter Calender

via Home-Storage Solutions 101

It's that time of year again , to set ORGANIZING GOALS! Who is ready? While perusing the Internet I am across Home -Storage Solutions 101. I used them last season and their 15 minute a day regime is very doable. They provide easy print outs and detailed How To's.

You may learn some new techniques to incorporate into what is already working for you or you may start a whole new lifestyle change.

If you have more ideas I'd love to hear about them .I may even feature them on my next post. 

One suggestion I know that helps so much is having an accountability partner(s). Having one in general life is a tremendous help. At times in the busyness of our day its hard to share with someone our cleaning weakness and lack of organizational traits. Having someone to venture along can be crucial in keeping our cleaning goals longer then the usual 3 month time frame before we start falling off our cleaning/organizing band wagon.

Let me know what works for you. I love learning new ideas and How to's. 

Click here
via Home Storage Solutions 101

 via Household Management Face Book Page

Friday, December 22, 2017

Make 2018 YOUR year!

Make 2018 YOUR year!

Get 50% off using the coupon code: FIRST50 at checkout!

30 Days of tools that will change your life!

Learn to make a favorite scrub

Get a list of approved healthy foods

Fresh Start: 30 Day Whole Life Detox ™ will give you:

✓ DIY beauty product recipes
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✓ Home remedies
✓ Fun activities and challenges
✓ Exciting incentives
✓ A jar of your favorite scrub

Click here for more details:

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Saturday, December 9, 2017

Winter Formal Night


Cute idea, right?

Neela in her pretty gown. She was The Belle of The Ball  at Winter Formal ❤️

Check out the homemade Wreath! 

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Sunday, December 3, 2017

Crackle Barrel Adventure

I described my typical work week to a friend. When you say it out loud or even write it down ---it can sound very exhausting. Enough to make your head spin. Not like in a Linda Blair kinda way. I just aged myself. If you don't know who she is , google her or just picture head spinning in a very unnatural and unattractive way. Where was I? Oh yeah, It's a lifestyle I manage yet so many others effectively manage the busyness of their day, as well. I'm very structured and realized just today , I don't leave a margin for spontaneity. My calendar runneth over so to speak.

Once again,my daughter,Julia (18) has taught me another lesson. She didn't come with instructions , yet came with such an amazing heart and sense of adventure. At a young age she was always running away from me at the mall. Even now at Parkway Plaza its hard to keep up with her. I either use Sprint locator to ping her or check her bank transactions to find her. Where was I ? Oh yeah, there are days that call for a spontaneous adventure. She and Nathan recently drove to Crackle Barrel for breakfast. Awe, yeah , in Yuma ,AZ . A 3 hour road trip to eat a meal. That's 6 hours round trip. My body aches now just thinking about sitting for 6 hours in a car. Yet, Travel memories will last a life time. I haven't even visited a local Chick-Fil-A ! That's right , I have never been inside a Chick-Fil- A. I heard there is one in La Mesa. In reality ,an adventure for me is driving to The Goodwill in Point Loma. That's an amazing date night with myself. It works for me. I'm a cheap date and can afford me. Plus, I like my East County neighborhood. I really enjoy my structured little life. Travelling stopped appealing to me when gas prices went up and don't get me started on how many people forget their manners when getting behind the wheel.
In my Christian life, I don't allow myself to get too comfortable or too at ease in my walk. I'm always learning and taking it all in always wanting to be a baby Christian. I need to do the same socially. I tend to stay in my comfort zone. Same routine. Same comfort level. Lately,in my walk ,I have stepped out into the uncomfortable. Praying more with people, sharing my faith more. Holding steadfast to an accountability partner who I share every fiber of my life with. Trusting God more.
It dawned on me today, I need to branch out more outside my social cocoon and live a little. Add room in my calendar for a spontaneous combustion of sorts. You know, like find a Goodwill store pass a 100 mile radius from East County, Live a little.
I bought a 2018 $3 Calendar at Target. I'm planning on setting my sights for an adventurous New Year.
How about you?

Rachel Rose Mercantile Est .2017

My little logo I made on Canva

Found a clothing line ,Gospel in a Jar that I really connected with. Here's their logo:

Well, I decided early on to acquire my re-sellers permit so I could purchase the clothing wholesale. The saying on the shirts and tees go like this: 

Grace Upon Grace 

Amazing Grace How Sweet the Sound 

Faith it till you Make it 

It is well 

She has fire in Her soul & Grace in her heart 

This wholesale/retail  process is in the early baby stages yet will one day come to fruition . 

I named the company "Rachel Rose Mercantile" to leave it open for a variety of merchandise. 

We shall see where this journey takes me. 
I can  vision a retail store , co-op type to help cover operation cost. 
I picture a retail website on Amazon to cover plenty of territory. 
Again, this is in the baby stages so I'm planning on writing a business proposal to keep me held accountable. 

Have you dreamed lately  of something that seems unattainable? Unreachable? 
Have you done any steps to help it along?  
Share your dreams and thoughts in the comments. 
I'd love to hear them.


Monday, November 6, 2017

Plexus ❤️

Have you heard of Plexus? 
It's a Wellness and Health Company that's life changing . For me, it's helped with inflammation, sinus headaches and pressure. Dropping a pant size is just an added bonus.


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Sunday, November 5, 2017

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Decorate and escape to Paris

Sent from my iPhoneWanted to share pictures of my Paris escape. Those mornings you daydream of a vacation .
How about you ? Where is your escape zone?

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Money Making Mom by Crystal Paine


Ever come across a book that resonates to the bone ? That's exactly what happened this afternoon during a break at church. Came across New York Times bestselling Author Crystal Paine book, Money Making Mom . How every woman can earn more and make a difference.
Listen to this on page 12. Maybe you are a single mom and juggling three jobs for chump change is simply not cutting it. Then it goes to ask what does financial freedom mean to you. To think about it . To really think about it. This stopped me in my tracks because after completing Financial Peace University last summer, I'm reminded of the basic principles of budgeting. I still continue budgeting however it's always so discouraging with the three jobs and still struggling. I'll write a series soon in what Julia and I have recently done and changes we are planning .
Do you do a monthly budget?
Any changes brewing?
Are Holidays stressing you out?
Share with us❤️

Friday, September 8, 2017

Imperfectly Happy


For a little over a week, I've been living in a motorhome without electricity. 

We are in between moving  and it's amazing how resilient you become. From using candles, showering at the gym, eating out and basically just making do to sleeping in new surroundings while insuring your not attacked by  neighboring coyotes . Overall, it's been an adventure. 
What adventures have you been on lately? Or would like to be? 

I'm imperfectly happy. Are you? 

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