Sunday, April 29, 2012

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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Spring Time Backyard - Wrought Iron Decor

Spent the afternoon last week with my little nephew Faustino (3). We ventured to "Grandma's" backyard...

As the sign says :"WELCOME "

Friday, April 27, 2012

Man gets postcard from mom half-century after she mailed it

Man gets postcard from mom half-century after she mailed it

 "We'll probably be home before this gets there!" Scott McMurry's mom wrote on a postcard to her son. She was right about that, since McMurry didn't receive his now late mother's note until last week, around 55 years after she mailed it. A Florida woman found the 2-cent stamped surprise in her mailbox and posted a picture of it on Facebook. McMurry got wind of the photo through the Power of the Internet. In a sweet P.S. to the story, Chicago's John G. Shedd Aquarium, pictured on the front of the card, has offered McMurry and his family an all-expenses paid trip to visit. We just hope they didn't send the invite via postcard.

Craft Fair To Do List - One week before the event

Craft Fair To Do List

Created this list for my daughter Julia(13) who is having her second craft fair next weekend. Want her to get a sense of the behind the scenes......

Please feel free to add to the list. She will be creating an E-book as a fundraiser for her 2013 Spring Break trip . Your comments (site) will be mentioned (linked) . It takes a village right?  

One week before the event

  •  First time at the particular event- visit the site
  • Decide on table space accommodations
  •   Catalog inventory
  •   Calculate price
  •   Tag merchandise with price points
  •   Table cloths
  •   Determine theme décor
  •   Set up merchandise and décor determining the need for more inventories? Less décor?
  •   Items required to finish projects
  •   Tasks to do to finish projects
  •   Remind family and friends via in person, email or social media detailing your upcoming event
  •   Packing product to insure a damage free transit

First time at the particular event- visit the site
Knowing the location ahead of time helps with a variety of factors such as theme, demographics and atmosphere. Plus, who wants to be lost and inevitable late setting up .

Decide on table space accommodations
Every craft fair is different which means staging and displays will be different. Smaller craft fairs usually have you bring your own. The larger fairs will charge for rental. 
Catalogue inventory
Inventory helps you see what you have too much or too little of. Are your “sets” proportioned? Do you have too much of one style? Having an inventory list also assist with knowing hot sellers
Julia's Flower Bouquet
Calculate price
 Keep receipts for all purchases, not only for taxes yet to help determine price points. Determine your time (shopping, gas and creating), packaging and cost of each item. For instance, I purchased a bag with crystal flowers. The count was 80 and the bag was $8.99 plus tax. Each flower came up to roughly 15 cents each however I added ribbon and wrapped them in decorative paper with a pink heart purchased at Target.   The paper I had for years and lost track of the price. This is where you determine your price point. I usually ask family and friends to come over for a pre-show to get there comments and suggestions.  When explaining pricing to my daughter Julia (13) she was amazed how much time, money and organizing went into have a craft fair. This is where I explained look around you everything is time, money, organizing even just our daily lives, for the rest of your lives. I think it was a little too deep and not wanting to be a Debby Downer I moved on.  
Tag merchandise with price points
Once you determine your price points, it’s time to decide how to add them to the merchandise. For smaller, same-theme items create a small sign. For example we used scrap book like squared paper, folded them in half and wrote the price with a sharpie.  Do this for items less than $5 or  you will have another added expense for labels. The larger items we use smaller sticky labels.
Table cloths
One color table cloth works best to display your crafts. It’s pleasing to the eyes; bold colors may detract from merchandise. I prefer pastels in Spring/Summer light green or brown in autumn and white for winter. Thrift stores have a variety of table clothes and sheets for an economical price point. 
Determine theme décor
Our upcoming craft fair is in Jamul, CA (which is pronounced “ha-Mool”) is a rustic landscaped town located 20 minutes from downtown San Diego in the foothills of the Laguna Mountains. With the emphasis on Mother’s Day we decided to have a Vintage Victorian theme by incorporating arts and crafts with the vintage books and dolls we already have on hand with our home décor. These items will be priced just in case someone wants to purchase the displays.

Set up merchandise and décor determining the need for more inventories? Less décor?
This is what I call a trial run by “seeing” my vision on display. I determine what I have too much of or not enough of and am I keeping true to my theme. At this point I start kicking it in gear knowing I have a week left to get my act together.
Create a sub-list with the items needed to finish projects. Check local craft store websites for coupons for better price points and try to make one trip to save gas.

Tasks to do to finish projects
Determine what still needs to be done and give yourself a deadline. You want to look hot the day of the event and not sleep deprived by staying up to 2am the night before.

Packing product to insure a damage free transit
Not only do you have to think of how your customer will take their product home, determine how safely you can transport the merchandise to the event. It will definitely put a damper on things if profits are broken in transit. 
Remind family and friends via in person, email or social media detailing your upcoming event
 Just as Realtors say location, location, location - Crafters must chant advertise, advertise, advertise! Use the phone, email, social media and flyer's. Our event is in the local small town paper so we are creating small postcard size flyer's to hand out to our family and friends who live in the surrounding area

Overall, remember if Crafting is a passion it does require, time, money and  educating yourself to see where you “fit” in the crafting world. If intimidated use the buddy system, visit craft fairs, craft stores and the many crafting websites  which may ease the “should I take my crafting to the next level butterflies”. Most importantly continue to have FUN!  

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How a Teenager Can Make Money for a Trip

Julia (13) is preparing for the upcoming Spring Break 2013 Washington D.C. trip her Middle School takes once a year. The out of pocket expense is well over $3,000.00! We discussed needs for  a business proposal on how she is going to come up with the money. She came up with some really good ideas.

How a Teenager can make money for a trip 
  1. Babysitting
  2. Cleaning house
  3. Pet walker
  4. Learn to braid hair and charge your friends.
  5. Yards sale (my favorite)
  6. Lemonade stand at the yardsale
  7. Bake sale
  8. Make a craft to sell
  9. Save Birthday money
  10. Design a book on "How a Teenager can make money for a trip"  
She will be researching more ideas.If there's something you would like to add to her list ,please do!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Friday, April 20, 2012

New Years Resolutions - 4 months later

Today I thought to myself..... It's already April 20th. Didn't I just make my New Years resolutions?I even took a picture ( see above) to share  my goals.  I'm somewhat on track. I think I'll revise it and turn my list into a Spring ahead list.

How are you coming along with your list? Did you make a  list? Any tips on staying on track?

This very eliptical sits in my living room collecting dust. It's on my list.....I have no excuses right? OK tomorrow is another day.......and another list....... 

How To Organize Your Handbag By Beth @ I Heart Handbag Heaven

                         Wanted to share an article by Beth @ I Heart Handbag Heaven's Blog ......


I tend to put off on organizing my purse even though I  find myself changing purses all the time. Do you have one favorite purse? Wallet? Any tips on what works for you? Here's  Beth's take....... 

 How To Organize Your Handbag

  1. Clean slate. Start by dumping the contents of your bag out onto a flat surface.
  2. Garbage day. Sift through all of your belongings and throw away the wrappers, receipts, and other trash you no longer need.
  3. Take it to the bank. Collect all of the loose change you find either in a jar or a coinpurse.
  4. Drop the dead weight. Go through your wallet and remove any coupons, receipts, old cards and excess change you don’t need to carry around with you.
  5. Receipt with you or in the bag? Use an envelope or ziplock bag to store receipts that you do need to keep.
  6. Bare necessities. Separate the remaining items into two piles:  one for things you use on a daily basis, and one for things you only use on occasion.
  7. Just in case. Make sure that fragile items, such as cameras and sunglasses, are stored in a case to prevent any damage.
  8. Downsize the makeup. Rather than bringing an entire makeup counter with you, limit your cosmetics to items you actually need. Also, consider downsizing to travel containers to save space.
  9. It’s in the bag. Group your items and find them a home. Side pockets are perfect for items you need quick access to, like cell phones and keys. And brightly covered bags, such as the 5-Piece Cosmetic Bag Set, are a great option for cosmetics because they’re easy to spot.
  10. Scheduled maintenance. Take five minutes each week to weed out any unnecessary items that worked their way into your bag.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Free Vintage Digi Stamps - Mothers Day Projects

 Julia (13) and I are planning on showing/selling  our arts and crafts @ The Mother's Day Craft Fair May 6, 2012 from 11am-4pm in Jamul,CA. We are SOOOO excited because the booth rental is FREE!!!! It's rare that a craft fair doesn't charge. This reminds me of the good ol'days when a community got together and helped one another out. Awe, the good ol'days.......Anyhow, we need more inventory so the first place we go to is Free Vintage Digi Stamps  . This is were we can download Vintage prints for the gift bags and cards we make. Here are some samples...feel free to download for a future projects. Visit The Free Vintage Digi Stamps site to spread the "free" gratitude vibe ... 

Click here to visit Free Vintage Digi Stamps

Spring Garden with Yard Sale finds

Welcome to Our Garden!
Took random pictures of my "new" garden. All supplies purchased at yard sales. Except the Welcome to Our Garden sign($1.00 section at Target ) & The soil purchased @ Home Depot
Any suggestions on what to plant?