Friday, November 29, 2013

Home Depot pallets? 10 DIY Cozy Home Projects Link

Worked at Home Depoy for many years. There were pallets galore! Check this out:

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Megan Feedback on Facebook

There are times I get an idea in my head and I go for it. I wanted to ModPodge a white wig form. As I placed more and more pieces of cut outs from fashion and food magazines, the more the head gained artsy personality. Well, I put her on Facebook and the reaction was mixed.They either loved  it or hated it. One friend even asked WHY? What do you think? 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Christmas in Williamsburg 300 Family Traditions

Wanted to share this beautiful book with lovely pictures. This explains the celebration of Christmas down through the centuries and how the holidays evolved in America. It also explains the re-enactments in Williamsburg, Virginia and how many tourists come each year to experience Christmas there. A few crafts and recipes are included.
It's always nice to read the history of Christmas traditions. Wouldn't it be nice for everyone to write and create  their own traditions book to share with children and the grandchildren? Do you have traditions or find yourself just getting through the holidays? Julia and I are at the point where we figure a pizza and movie is more our speed. We've been alone the past 2 Christmas',we've started our own Mommie and Me tradition. It's cheaper and drama free. 
We  do love going to Christmas service at Skyline Church. Worshipping, singing and counting all our blessings! 
Whatever traditions you follow and experience may you cherish those memories and write them down, pass them along ,starting your own traditions  book! 
Happy Holidays! 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Burlap Blue

I know its not even Thanksgiving however while perusing the blogger world,I stopped by Burlap + Blue and came across really beautiful Christmas decorations.Really the only reminder for me,Christmas was near is Starbucks changing into holiday cups.Funny that's my red flag so to speak. Julia and I really don't celebrate the Holidays.Could it be our living arrangement again this year or scarred by family drama? Chuckle. Its not so bad.We make it our own special time together or at Church. Now back to Burlap + Blue
Burlap + Blue

 When do you start decorating? After Black Friday? A friend,explained for the first few years her Husband tolerated her decorating before Thanksgiving yet finally told her wait till December 1st. It still hurts her heart!
How can you not wait to put this on display?

 There was so many more wonderful pictures! Visit them when you get a chance.

Here's their Face Book link

Cute I idea or what!


via pinterest

Friday, November 15, 2013

The Facebook Game

Posting as bloggers we share so much of ourselves. With all the social media around now everyone plays into the mix. A friend Delia tagged me in a Facebook game which you have to reveal 15 random thoughts about yourself. Didn't realize how difficult a task it would undertake. Here's my big random reveal .
Let me know if there are any surprises! 

15 Random Facts About Me 

1. I'm afraid of snails. 
2. Secretly upset Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson broke up.    
3. Allergic to cigarette smoke. 
4. I love the library. 
5. I owned a  Movado watch that at times ,still miss. 
6. I once found my then Husband in bed with the next door neighbor. 
7. I'm a Certified Chakra Therapist
8. I cried for days when Sonny and Cher divorced. 
9. I knew Julia's Biological father when I was in 3rd grade.  
10. I get asked all the time if I'm Middle Eastern. 
11. I went through an extensive Remote Viewer Certification  Course with an ex CIA Agent. 
12. Fished in Alaska and caught salmon. 
13. Give amazing massages. 
14. I have a green thumb and love gardening. 
15. I would rather drive a 2500 Dodge Ram then a small sporty car. 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Polohouse: Collections

The Polohouse: Collections:                          "Earthly possessions"

Love this photograph! It's neat to see what people collect.
Do you have a collection?
At what point do you say OK I have enough.
I guess when you are having to rent 2- 10x30 storage units right?
It would be hard for couples when one is a collector and the other not.
Are you a collector or having to live with one? Interesting to see the dynamics of that conversation!
I used to collect however with all the downsizing Julia and I have endured, we don't collect. The only thing we collect nowadays is missing socks.

My Kitchen and Photography: Miniature Patisserie

A dollhouse Paisserie from My Kitchen and Photography: Click here to visit and see amazing pictures and incredible work!

My Kitchen and Photography: Miniature Patisserie:

**FREE ViNTaGE DiGiTaL STaMPS**: Free Vintage Printable - Digital Collage Sheet

**FREE ViNTaGE DiGiTaL STaMPS**: Free Vintage Printable - Digital Collage Sheet: Free Digital Collage Sheet Right-click to download/save... Print from your printer...enjoy!!! ♥ make sure to visit Free Vintage Digital Stamps web site. There something for everyone! get those projects started!

**FREE ViNTaGE DiGiTaL STaMPS**: Ideas for Scrabble Tiles

**FREE ViNTaGE DiGiTaL STaMPS**: Ideas for Scrabble Tiles: I love Scrabble tiles1 Look what Free Vintage Digital Stamps did! Too cute!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Origami Owl for Julia

Julia's was so excited to finally sign up to sell Origami Owl Jewelry. Here are a few pictures - this  is her excited face! Lol
I purchased a locket last summer and received so many compliments she wanted one. Being the budget thirty shoppers we are ,we saved to purchase a distributor kit. Here are some random pictures. I'll link the website from a regular computer -  on my IPhone which limits my link ability.I'm so behind  in the new age technology arena ;it's shameful.
I get by however  there's so much more to this IPhone. For as expensive as it is it should come with its own IT guy.
Here's the link Rachel & Julia's Origami Owl
Happy day or night to you, 
Until next time blogger buddies! 
Get ready for the holidays it will be Jan 2014 before you know it ! 

Here is the locket we put together. Love it!