Thursday, January 27, 2011

Giving Back

Julia (12) joined the YMCA a year ago after her Pediatrician voiced his concerned about her weight. She now enjoys playing on the co-ed  Basketball Team , utilizes the Teen Center  and gym facility. Not only did she go from a size 11 to a size 5, She met new friends, learned about  sportsmanship & team building skills. I can honestly say the "Y" in our community has changed our lives and enriched Julia's self esteem. This is why we ,as a family, have donated not only money yet volunteered our time to help raise money and awareness voicing how important the Y is for families.
  Charging on for The YMCA!!!!!!!

Each day families in our community are threatened by drugs, gangs and obesity. The  YMCA  is there to help. At the East County Family YMCA strengthening our community is our cause. The volunteer  and staff understand the importance of providing a positive and safe environment for kids and families to learn, grow and thrive.
Working side by side with our neighbors,  The East County-San Diego YMCA   has added a third facility; expanding our outreach and filling a void for youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility. The EAST COUNTY YMCA is more equipped to serve the community of 800,000+ residents now with three convenient locations.
They are committed to provide affordable child care and day camps, develop leadership programs for teens, strengthen families with health and fitness classes and so many other programs that promote a healthy spirit, mind and body. And yet, they can do more!
Thanks to the generosity of community-minded supporters, and events such as the Annual Giving Program   The  Y enriches the lives of approximately 1 out of 10 households living in East County,San Diego. We can do better! We'd like to expand our outreach and enhance the lives of 2 out of 10 households by 2012. We are confident that with your help we can accomplish this goal. Lasting personal and social change can only come about when we all work together. Join us - we could use someone like you!

Please follow the link  to give what you can. Add our names: Rachel Lloyd, Julia Gonzalez & Tito Thompson as the referral .

 Thank you so much!  

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Favorite Recipes

Gambas al Ajillo

I came across this blog and it was awesome!
 Visit Alma's Blog  My Kitchen and Photography

Alma writes all about the food she's baked,cooked,eaten and the places she's been. All photographs were taken by her ,using  a Canon EOS 50D and Sony Cybershot T300. It's such an awesome combination: Food, recipes and great photography!

Getting Back to Basics

"Pondering the Basics "

On my medical leave sabbatical from giving readings I have learned many lessons. Thought I would jot just a few down: Can anyone relate?

• Practicing what I preach is not as easy as I thought.
• Between bills, food, work & family life - how do you really find "me" time?
• I don't like uttering the words" No, I do not predict exact lotto numbers".
• No, I will not fit into skinny jeans.
• All families have drama; we could all have our own reality shows. Hmmm...Wonder what the title would be?
• How do we age gracefully without forking over hundreds of dollars?
• Can the Glenn Becks & Al Sharptons of the world hug with grace and humility?

I could go on and on,as I am sure you could. I think we just need to sit, reflect - get all the blues out of our system and recharge.

For today let's reflect on gratitude,family,budgeting,food,shelter , giving & prayer .

Let's get back down to the basics .

B- ALANCE - Even flow of activity with self & family
A- PPRECIATION - Gratitude for the good and the lessons
S- IMPLICITY - Peace of mind with self and spirit
I-  NTEREST - Passionately  create a bucket list and do
C- ARE - Giving back to family and community
S- AVE - Living beneath your means-yeah YARD SALES!  

Friday, January 21, 2011

Chakra Work Area with all items purchased from Yard Sales

Just working on my Chakra Home Office Area. I have limited space now. Went from a 15 x 10 room to 1/2 the size. I'm making it work though. I have all the essentials, massage table, The Seven Chakra stones,candles and oils.  I am working on opening my Solar Plexus Chakra, it's right below the rib cage. This area is associated with self worth,our own personality,ego and the way we perceives others and ourselves. It connects with our selfish behaviours and the need to dominate. It is the center of personal power and intellect,our perceptions regarding control,freedom and power. Even if you don't believe in this "stuff" it doesn't hurt to think about right?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


OK so this picture may seem a little odd yet, I found this "mannequin head" @ a yard sale and I had to have her.  I actually named her Megan. She totally creeps my family out. At times I play a joke and place Megan in an unsuspecting spot around the house. I will know when she is spotted by the shouting of "MOMMMMA GET HER OUT OF HERE"....I think it's funnyhow after all these years of garage sales,I found  something that really creeps the kids out. Hey, maybe I will take her places and take pictures to post. They will freak that I am even blogging about her. Don't we all have a little something that makes us "different"?     

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Crafty Superstars Club

Had our first meeting today for the Crafty Superstar Club.

Here is a sample of what was covered:


House Keeping Rules

Personal Bio


Your motivation for selling your stuff?

What Drives Your Craft?


Would I have fun crafting for others instead of myself?

Would I have fun making similar things over and over?

Do I have the cash to beef up my output?

What makes my product stand out from a crowd?

Is there an audience for my work?

What do I expect to happen when I put my crafts out in the World? 

 Here are some of the hand made items brought for "show and tell- so to speak. Do they even have show and tell in school anymore?

Here is an over the shoulder bag. I loved it ! I ordered a black one with red trim. There was definitely a  labor of love put into this purse. 

An adorable doggie!

A clutch style purse accented with a leaf brooch is elegant.

Loved this little lion! Too cute!


I admire artist with the passion and patience to create such work of art!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Bills and Blog Center

Bringing in the New Year I made a resolution to be more organized in 2011.
I began by sending positive energy to the universe thus creating what I call my B&B Center. Not a Bed & Breakfast, well maybe some day,however for now,my B&B Center is for Bills & Blogging. 

Here are a few steps I took to start 2011 with an "intention" for newness, freshness, money management, organization, lightness , crafts and simplicity. 

Here are the items in my home office to help motivate and energize me ....
Check Book
Piggy bank
Organizational Book
Arts & Craft Book
To Do List 

I figured getting check books representing our plight for better money management and future spending/saving endeavors would best symbolize our venture. I chose the SUPERMAN & Pebbles check books and cover. My nick name growing up was "Pebbles". With these checks I am reminded of my childhood where my money blue print was formed and took years to formulate correctly.The Superman is  for Tito who loves Superman and has really done a "super" job  learning the value of money. When we first met he actually didn't know the difference between a debit and credit card. He was brought up with a different set of money values hence the old adage "opposites" attract. Isn't that with most couples? It took many years to get where we are today. If we can do it, believe me any other couple out there can do it!  

The Piggy bank next to the calculator represents a combination of savings and a family vacation. It's a cute Piggy with dream vacation spots handwritten in chalk ranging from Florida,England,Paris, Hollywood & New York.

The Red Candle on the top left,represents the fire in my belly to really make these resolutions come true. 

I placed my inspirational books on Organizing and Arts& Crafts near the computer to move the energy flow.    

The lamp represents the light I am asking God to shine in me,around me and out to the Universe.

    Here is my NEW YEARS Resolution almost brought to life,not just on paper (take note of my "TO DO LIST " on the bottom left.


What moments do you want to capture in 2011?

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy 2011!

So much has happened while on my 2 month sabbatical from blogging.

New room mates, the holidays are a blurr, surgery went well and I am actually feeling "rested". Saturday morning it's back to the Yard sales! I made plenty of trips to my local  AMVETS store to donate all of last years treasures. Now someone else can enjoy them. I scare myself at times with my non attachment to material items.It's as if I am the opposite of a hoarder. I don't keep things very long. Could it be that I am easily bored and distracted? Always wanting "newness" in my life? My surroundings? Guess a Psychologist would have a field day figuring that one out. For now, I will enjoy my yard sale finds  nourishing  my decorating urges. My blogging goal this year is to display more pictures of my yard sale finds and how I incorporated them into my decorating style. Which Julia , my 12 year old calls "different". I didn't ask her to elaborate.

Oh Yes! I read two great books that I simply loved

 ORGANIZE NOW! By Jennifer Ford Berry

I enjoyed it so much I am organizing a  ORGANIZE  NOW CLUB! Who doesn't need a little more organization in their lives?

The Second fabulous book was Crafty Superstar  By Grace Dobush
This is another club I started. Who doesn't other like minded crafters to get together and bounce ideas and positive enrergy from one another?

    It covers making crafts on the side, earn Extra CASH and Basically HAVE IT ALL!