Thursday, September 30, 2010

Yes, the“ Rachel’s JunkintheTrunk” is on my business card.

Yes, the“ Rachel’s JunkintheTrunk” is on my business card. I thought it was cute! No? My kids just rolled their eyes. A pretty normal occurance in my house. The ol’ rolling of the eyes routine.

Testing out email blogging...what a concept!







Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Here's my first WOW Factor item. 

 I found these items at last weeks yard sale.

 Yes, folks golf balls. Tito is really into golf so he "scored". In fact, he is so into golf he is working on getting his PGA card. It's been a dream of his for years. The seller explained how the balls were a gift and she doesn't use this particular brand. I said Tito really doesn't have a choice, he will have to play with whatever balls he gets! His brand is "cheap" and $3.00 for everything is our kind of  brand!

How I Became a Yard Sale Junkie

It began several years ago when I took my boyfriend Tito to work one morning. It was bright and early as we drove to the golf course. We are definitely not"morning people" or this super power couple energized by Starbucks .Neither of us said much as silence shouted in the the cold November air. Thoughts in my head whispered " Who gets up at the crack of dawn on a Saturday"!? Once Tito exited the truck , I slid my junk in the trunk to the drivers side and headed home. Little did I know, one sign would change my Saturday mornings for years to come. It wasn't a spiritual awakening with angels singing & harps playing in the background. Yet, a synergy of sorts. There displayed so proudly stood a YARD Sale sign. I followed the arrow leading me "right" to the house. I was amazed by the gently worn designer labels and "still" in the  package items .I wondered why would this perfectly sane woman was selling unopened, new & up to date items. Being an ex Home Depot employee, there wasn't much I haven't seen or heard, so I asked. She explained how she changed her mind during a redecorating extravaganza, therefore displayed before my eager eyes was the extra. Luckily I had grabbed my wallet before leaving  the house a made my first purchase. The rest, as they say is history. It's going on four years now. I wanted to start blogging about my adventures, show pictures & give tips on finding the "wow" factor. You will be amazed how a simple wow at a yard sale can set the pace for your everyday life. Aren't we all just wanting to be wowed in all factors of our lives?