Thursday, June 23, 2011

Turned my Doodling into Baby Wear

Ever sit and "doodle" ? I found myself always doodling the same thing.....little Alien like drawings with cute little faces and eye lashes. Odd huh? Well, I have now created the "Sadie Magradie Collection" to share the "Sadies" in my head. Simple & cute ;)

Sadie Anne would love to one day go to Business School and hopes to  teach others the value of money. She sports a Fashionable business tie.

Sadie Bow loves to wear a "bow" in her hair to show her cutesy side. She hopes to one day attend Fashion school.
Sadie Craft loves to make her own one of a kind jewelry. She dreams of owning an Etsy shop.

Sadie Dadie loves to pre- plan her outings with play dates and can't wait to one day learn to write so she can fill  in her day-planner.

Sadie Evelyn is a level headed little girl who wears bows on her shoes to keep her grounded
she hopes to be a Missionary overseas one day.

Friday, June 17, 2011

My Little Garden Patch

This is my first hand at gardening. All my family and friends garden yet I always felt too impatience or didn't want to get dirty.Thoughts of dirt under my nails didn't feel appealing. Yet, Mother nature has been calling, so to speak. Lately there's been several yard sales with garden type items. A few weeks ago I bought my first gardening hat and it gave me the wanna be green thumb vibe. Being a novice, I hurried and planted  without reading the directions.  I may have possibly mixed the seeds so who knows what may grow. Hey,maybe I created a new plant or vegetable? No matter what grows, it's my own  little unique garden. Can't wait to hit the yard sales tomorrow to add a little more.  

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mary's Garden

Mary is my Yard  Sale Partner treasure hunt BFF. I snapped a few photos shots of her back yard. I would say 90% of her back yard is from our Saturday morning finds........