Thursday, August 30, 2012

Why Do I Blog? Goals?

The following question came up today from Trisha  of :


You know, I really had to think hard and long. I'm not sure. I always loved show and tell in grade school. I'm a great story teller. Ask my daughter Julia. She'll name any subject and I have to tell her a bed time story off one name,color,item or subject. I've  also always admired other peoples stories. Not sure how it all came about. Me, in this Blogger World. I've always loved taking pictures and with storytelling ,blogging just came about. Now it feels more like a Dear Diary of sorts. A little of my life unexpected. I now sell J.R. Watkins products yet trying to sell products comes secondary to actually blogging. I have to remind myself that I can promote a little on here as well. I find myself sharing links that I love. I adore Vintage prints so I'm always sending my blogging buddies to  other sites  for  Free Vintage Printables

I share my daughter

Overall I blog to bring a little more life into the world. Plus,it's therapeutic when things get a little crazy with a teenage girl. Remember what it was like being 13? I'm reliving it. One blog at a time, one teenage girl at a time. I guess a goal of mine would be to able to one day- afford to purchase a great camera &  blog full time until my next teenage adventure.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Windmill™ Health Products Green Coffee Bean Extract - WINDMILL - GNC

Windmill™ Health Products Green Coffee Bean Extract - WINDMILL - GNC

One of the luxuries of going to yard sales is being then able to afford other items at full price. After a recent episode of one of my favorites-Dr.Oz I decided to give one of his recommendations a try.

Green Coffee Bean Extract

I liked the fact it offers the following:
  • Helps support Metabolism
  • Supports Healthy Blood Sugar Levels
  • Helps control Appetite
  • Jitter-Free
Jitter-Free? I definitely don't want to be dancing around doing the jitter bug like in the 1920's. Jitter Bug

I will add this to my normal work out routine and see how it goes.
I'll keep you posted ....who knows I may have  actual results ....or I may not. Either way I have to give it a try! Any tips on results you have experienced besides starvation?