Monday, May 25, 2015

CHUKY'S Nice :

Last Sunday June 17,2015 while working at Skyline Church , I received a call notifying me how my Brother Arthur Rhea "Chuky" Entzminger ,Jr was terminally ill  and transitioning  to hospice care. I cried that deep down gut wrenching cry in the parking lot. Little did  I know he would pass away within 6 days. He passed May 23,2015. On that Sunday, I prayed out loud  for God to give me a sign my brother would be in his arms upon his passing. A week prior on May 11th , I had visited Junior aka "Chuky"in the ICU in AZ and prayed the Salvation prayer with him. I guess I wanted a sign to let me know The Lord heard my prayer.   
Even in the middle of grief, I still had an appetite. Go figure! As I drove a few miles away to Wings and Things I was still crying and praying. When I got out of the truck , I glanced to my left, I had parked right next to a white KIA with the words "CHUKY'S NICE" ....I took a picture. We Serve an amazing God!

My Cousin Marina started a GoFundMe Page to help with funeral expenses: 

My Brother with weeks to live. 

My Brother Arthur Chuky Entzminger , Jr (left) and younger Brother Ronald "Ron Ray" Entzminger . May one brother rest in peace and the other find peace! 

Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Makeup Eraser with Rachel's Junk in the Trunk Blogger

I first learned about The Make- Up Eraser  through my friend Mary. She brought it 

to our  monthly girls lunch on a Sunday afternoon after church. 

Between appetizers she brought out this really cool eraser looking box. I pictured 

a huge eraser for real big mistakes! Little did I know it was a special not sure 

whats in it cloth to remove make up! I love it on my "no make up days" as well. I 

can't fully describe how  wonderful my face feels after using The Makeup Eraser

It's so clean. I've never felt anything like it. 

I love it! I'm pretty sure you will too! 

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