Monday, November 26, 2012

Finding Your Soul Mate - Well sorta

The following is a true story. No names have changed to protect the innocent. In fact,I don't have a name for the little couple I find at my local Goodwill Industries store in Rancho San Diego,CA.

I found"the woman" in the figurine section -standing there alone. Her mate?Husband? Significant other was no where to be found. I didn't even know he existed until a whole month later. While visiting Goodwill again, there he stood. Alone, looking very familiar. Then,it hit me, I had his wife at home!

 As the guilt set in, I rationalized how they most likely needed a break from one another. Downtime-to regroup or something. It wasn't like they were standing together and I broke up the couple. He was holding carrots maybe he wandered to the next farm and found the town tart and never came home? No, he belonged perfectly with his mate.

 They are a match made in heaven. Here are pictures of their first outing after being separated. I kept a close eye on the Mr. -so he wouldn't wonder off again.  

What should I name them? Any suggestions?