Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Bella Blue Rescue

I love purchasing dolls at yard sales that no one else wants. I found Bella Blue in a box filled with miscellaneous items.Bella was on the very bottom covered and alone. She was dusty,dirty and in need of a hair cut. After a cold water dip in the gentle cycle, I gathered my tools (lint roller & scissors) and went to work.

 The tools: lint brush and scissors

 I "borrowed" a bow from Julia's collection .....

 Introducing .....
                             BELLA BLUE

Brought to you by Rachel's Junk in the Trunk  Doll Rescue Mission

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Property Manager?

Playing Property Manager .......
I was asked to take pictures,post an ad,  submit background checks and process paper work for potential renters. I have some knowledge by having renters stay in my  own home. This however is a whole different gig. With a room for rent, I take a few pics  a phone interview and background check. This feels different,the decorator in me wants color,furniture, fancy curtains to intice my renter. I should just open up a bed and breakfast and do just that!

Lovely Lakeside,CA 92040....

Any tips? Buzz words to get these rented?

  There are 4- 2 Bedroom,1 Bath Duplexes ,newly remodeled ,A/C,Laundry hook ups,close to shopping & transportation.

Going for .....drum roll please ......

$1,150.00 a month!!!!!!...... 

   Located in lovely Lakeside,CA 92040....

 Nice,clean wall sconce.Pretty.

Swans? Hey maybe a Swan Lake theme? or Black Swan? 

Laundry hook ups..yeah no more looking for quarters? Do they still use quarters?

LOVE A/C!!!!

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Does she look familiar to anyone?

Here is another find at last weekends yard sales.

Does she look familiar to anyone?


Per the seller this painting was purchased many "years" ago from possibly an Irish artist.