Monday, July 29, 2013

Sunny Simple Life: Treasures and Junk

Check out : Sunny Simple Life: Treasures and Junk: Elaine headed out on Friday for a day of thrifting and shopping stopping at Treasures and Junk in Ontario,CA . Living in San Diego thats not too far out! She really enjoyed getting out and spending the day ! Sounds like a great idea! Do you have a favorite place to find treasured junk? 

Sunday, July 28, 2013

3 Simple Steps to Longer Eye Lashes

Julia ( entering High School in the fall yikes!) was talking about make up for High School.
We are a family of list so,of course,she created her list.

Julia's Make Up List 

1. Face Powder
2. Mascara
3. Brown tone eye shadow
4. Lips Gloss

Sounds reasonable - I guess. Maybe.

She did however  mention how much she loved my eye lash trick so she added Bic lighter and eye lash curler to her list! 

Julia Rose

Here's the eyelash trick!

Sunny Simple Life: Where is Cozy Little House?

From Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life: Where is Cozy Little House?: Brenda sent me an email and asked me to let everyone know what is happening with her blog. Brenda is working on moving back to Blogger...

Yeah! Glad she will be back! I'm happy I didn't switch over! I almost did! For  years the blogger community raved about Wordpress. Did you make the switch? Any problems? I'm happy just staying home in my cozy end of the blogger world!