Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Fiesta Island, San Diego,CA

Here are some random pictures while visiting Fiesta Island in SanDiego,CA 
Have you ever been? 

Julia and I rarely take pictures - we are usually behind the camera! 

Where are the s'mores???!!!

My Julia standing so pretty ! 


Saturday, June 22, 2013

Blossoming Buddies-San Diego

Hello Blogger Buddies
I started this group here in San Diego,CA 
Thought I would share to get the word out! 

Blossoming Buddies! 
A group of entrepreneurs who don't have the resources to show their product getting together  collectively and creating their own multi vendor show. Do you have a product that you either created or feel strongly about? Do you want to know if your item will sell at a Farmers Market, Craft Fair or other venue? Do you not have the money to pay for entrance fees or sellers permit? You may not even be sure you want to go this route and just want a part time gig? This group is for the person who needs help networking and even getting their own Facebook page put together. Baby steps in seeing if this is really something you would like to do. 
The beauty of BlossomingBuddies   is the initial low cost of signing up. Basically once we have a location you bring your product(s) and a potluck to share and network. The out of pocket besides your inventory is a potluck item and the gas to get you to the venue. The Blossoming Buddies
 Group will meet throughout San Diego County and surrounding areas. Please tell Grandma or Grandpa  about this just in case they don't use Facebook!  
Please "like" the fan page so we can get the word out. 

Note: If we have duplicate vendor product the sellers of that same product can work together dividing client by zip code ;Basically working something out. 

Post any questions comments or concerns! 
Feel free to post pictures and telling us about yourself. 
"Like" one another's FB pages if you have one. If you don't no worries we will make one for you . For now get an inventory together and it's ok if you don't have much, you can add to an existing table. The Blossoming Buddies is here to mentor, guide and  share! 

Rachel Entzminger-Lloyd 
Blossoming Buddies  Founder  

Tell me what do you think?

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Little Italy Mercato Farmers Market - San Diego, CA Part One

Took the day off from the Rancho San Diego Farmers Market to pay a visit to Little Italy Mercato Farmers Market in San Diego,California. 5 blocks of Farmers,Artisan Foods & Specialty Booths. Open year round rain or shine. 50 Certified Farm Booths, Fresh Produce, Local Meat, Eggs, Cheese and Fish and an array of fresh flowers. Julia (14) and I were in awe of the amount of people. Parking somewhat of a chore yet we said out loud, please let us find parking, please let us find parting. We happened to find parking a few blocks away. Okay it felt like miles yet it was worth the $1.20 for an hour with a 2 hour maximum time.
I figured I could manage the "3" step" parking program.

Though Julia had to remind me to "display" my ticket.

Julia and I loved the pretty yellow cottages. Notice she is slowly getting ahead of me. OK I'm a slow walker.

OK well I was walking like a tortoise and she the hare. This is where I began getting nervous. I know she's not 5 years old yet she still makes me nervous when she is so far away! Is it just me?
Yes, thank you God for street lights! I caught up to her. OK I was a little out of breathe however still able to maintain a small conversation.

 I manage to gasp"Julia look over there at the view,you can see the water!" Great the light turned green and of course after 2 steps it turn red! Why are the lights timed in such a way?

Now how cute is this?!!!Can't you just picture yourself on a little scooter holding on to a loved one?
OK these go-carts are adorable!

 Click here to visit Go Car Tours San Diego
Available only for rental in San Diego, San Francisco & Barcelona!
Oh ,one of the locals walked across my camera shot. Oh well, no cropping here on this blog. Just keeping it real! Right?
I have absolutely no idea what these flowers are called yet I know they are amazing! Eye-catching vibrant!
Beautiful Flowers form B&H  Flowers,Inc
 Click here to visit : B & H Flowers
He was happier than this photo gives him credit for!
Life is not complete unless you've tried Bitchin Sauce! Click here to visit
This booth was AVOCADO LOVERS

Okay I am going to make this post a "series". I'm actually getting hungry! Until next time Blogger Friends!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

El Cajon,CA Farmers Market

Visited the new El Cajon,CA FarmersMarket

   Click here to visit Face Book Page : El Cajon ,CA  Farmers Market

Here are some random pictures to get you into a farmers market mood!
Click here to visit Baba Foods

Click here to visit Jackie's Jams

Click here to visist Eli's Farms

Cheri has a great booth with her hand made jewelry,Teddy bears and more!
Cheri's Crafts 619-277-1506

Cheri's Jewelry

Click here to visit Mom's Mashawa