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Sunny Simple Life: Weight Loss Update - Down 3.4 lbs.

Oh my goodness another great write up from Elaine.
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I am so happy as the program is not only easy but is working so well so far. I am down 3.4 pounds since Monday. I think this system is similar to Weight Watchers but I wanted to do this free version.
free Weight Watchers
The tracking of my food really shows where you are spending your calories. I really like this part of it and have been using my extra calories at the end of the day on dark chocolate or hot chocolate. This is great because I have not felt deprived at all. The test will be today as my youngest wants to have McDonald's as a treat for lunch today so I will see what a chicken sandwich comes to. I will probably have to skip the fries but I am motivated so I think that will be easy at this point.

According to the site, this is normal for the first week because my goal is only 1/2 pound per week so I am sure it will start slowing down. I have been eating a lot of homemade vegetable soup. Very filling and also healthy. I happen to be very sensitive to sodium so I cannot tolerate canned soups.

Taco salad was dinner and lunch for two of the meals. The Greek yogurt dressings are so tasty but I use only a tablespoon and then fill in the some extra splashes of red wine vinegar. I could not find the ground turkey equivalent on the website so I looked it up so I could register my calories. The measurements are below.
4 oz ground turkey or beef = 1/2 cup

I have not exercised a whole lot outside of walks with the dogs and 5 - 10 minutes of a workout video on YouTube daily. What can I say I am working my way up. I have to baby my left knee. But I feel better, not sure why but I already do. Maybe it is mental. No one loves food and sweets like me so if I can do, anyone can so let me know if you try this program to lose weight.

See the first post as I began this menopause weight loss journey.
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Sunny Simple Life: Weight Loss Update - Down 3.4 lbs.

Menopause and Weight Gain

Elaine from Sunny Simple Life shares her story. Love reading the personal journey she so openly shares. 

From Elaine: 

Now, I don't normally get too personal on here but folks I am going to take a chance and share some of my journey through menopause and especially to start, menopause and weight gain. UGH! Can I just say that without eating extra, my body has decided, because of my hormones to pack on some weight.

gaining weight, menopause, hormones

It is my fault. I should have got serious and really cut my calories when it started but hey I was just looking to survive what was happening to me. The ups the downs, the hot flashes, the sadness I was feeling. If you have been there, you know. Well, after my physical a couple of months ago, I was told I was now officially in menopause at the age of 49. I know it may seem early but if I remmeber correctly it was about that age for my mom.

For now, I have to say I feel I am coming out of the wilderness. My moods have stabilized, my hot flashes for now are gone but will probably come back, but this weight gain! I have to do something about this. I am not happy and I know it is not healthy so I am vowing to tackle it. I mean I had a baby in my 40s and lost all the weight and more but now it is all back baby.

So I am going to share my journey, what I am trying and what is and isn't working. I am hoping this accountability will maybe help me to stay on track but also to maybe help someone else as I am the first of my girlfriends, that are my age to go through menopause.

This week I have started to really monitor my diet. I had thought of Weight Watchers but I am trying to lose weight frugally and am trying something that I used in the past that worked well for me. is a program that you choose a goal, for me 20 pounds, how much you want to lose per week and then helps you track your food and calories as you try and stay in the allotment they have given you. I like it because it helps you to see really how fattening and caloric certain things are. Just cooking my egg and not using butter saves you a lot of calories.

I am down almost a half a pound this week and that is nothing, but to see the tiny decrease in my graph already encourages me. I think the biggest thing mentally about menopause and gaining weight, is not beating myself up mentally over this. It happens to every woman and there is no shame in this. My husband still feels the same, I am the same person, I have done nothing wrong, it is what it is. But for my health and the fact that I have an eight year old, I CHOOSE to work harder. So join me or comment and let me know what has helped you cause I can use all the good advice I can get.

I want to also vlog this for my Youtube channel, but I have had a family member who is very ill this week and the worry that has been on my heart is so heavy I just can't yet. But, I am trying to keep busy and keep my mind busy as I feel so helpless and this is a good outlet for me and a safe space I can keep busy at. That and taking care of my family.

So let me know what you think about my sharing this. Perhaps no one is interested but I know I have been searching online for info since this journey and stage began. Thanks friends for being here!!

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