Friday, August 31, 2018

Autumn Thoughts

What are your Autumn Plans?

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Living The Trailer Life with the help of Rachel Cruze Show

This episode hit home for me. I'm still packed and having to downsize my items. Julia is in the second bedroom now in a 40' trailer. I love having her with me  however I was using the second bedroom as storage. Now, its downsizing my STUFF, once again.  I'm going to visit the Minimalist website to get more ideas. How do you feel about trying to be a minimalist?

Let’s Play a Minimalism Game

I found value in this and I think you will too.

Let's Play a Minimalism Game:

Start Here

I found value in this and I think you will too.

Start Here:

Friday, August 10, 2018

Oils and Prayer

Pictures and More Pictures

Join a Church Small Group Bible Study

Start making room to join a small group in September. Be fed and find light in our church community. Already in one, invite a friend or two.
Be part of the congregation not just the crowd. Found one that's a right fit. Attend at least 3 times to get the flavor of the group. Also, what ingredients are you bringing to the small group table? Just food for thought. Lots of puns intended. 😁
Garden photos credit Trina Good ❤ She's an amazing Prayer Warrior & Her  decorating style and garden skills inspire me.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Breathing Techniques for our past

Everyone has a testimony. Their story. A unique story that is all their own. No one eleses. It's how we come out of that testimony is what matters. How we endure the aftermath is what matters. How we survive the flashbacks, the feelings, the saddness is what matters. In an instant  a word, a  smell, a certain touch or conversation can take us back to the place of brokeness. What matters is remembering to breathe. To just breathe. God knows the desires of our hearts. He knows we want to breathe,to mend, to survive; to feel again. To feel loved, worthy and serve a purpose. We survived for a purpose. I was 38 years old when I found out theres men who don't hit woman. 38. I will be 55 this year.  Not often, yet at times, I still have to remember to breathe. To call out to God to keep me present, keep my mind here and not the past. I so pray and hope that if anyone is going through a season of suffering; Call out to God and remember to breathe. Seek out someone who understands. You are never alone. ❤ You can be set free❤

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Nap Time? I think not. Thanksgiving dinner, maybe.

I took a 3 hour nap as soon as I got home from work. I know, right? Huge mistake.  I woke up, made dinner, made lunch for tomorrow, did laundry, made essential oil inhalers, perused Face Book and now playing with my Canva app on my phone. Created a store front with pretend merchandise.  I'm thinking now of making Thanksgiving dinner and having friends over. 🤣

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

How to be like a Wildflower 101

Tips on making a Monthly Budget

New fresh month to start thinking and creating a budget. Give yourself grace if it takes months to find a routine. That's natural. Have the conversation with whom you share finances with. Are you the free spirt? The saver? See the bigger picture of where money is going and make adjustments. You can do this! As a team or family unit or even singles and single parents. ❤ You got this!