Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Free Vintage Digi Stamps - Mothers Day Projects

 Julia (13) and I are planning on showing/selling  our arts and crafts @ The Mother's Day Craft Fair May 6, 2012 from 11am-4pm in Jamul,CA. We are SOOOO excited because the booth rental is FREE!!!! It's rare that a craft fair doesn't charge. This reminds me of the good ol'days when a community got together and helped one another out. Awe, the good ol'days.......Anyhow, we need more inventory so the first place we go to is Free Vintage Digi Stamps  . This is were we can download Vintage prints for the gift bags and cards we make. Here are some samples...feel free to download for a future projects. Visit The Free Vintage Digi Stamps site to spread the "free" gratitude vibe ... 

Click here to visit Free Vintage Digi Stamps
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