Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The Maxwell Leadership Bible

Doing a little nighttime reading. Reviewing The Maxwell leadership Bible. It's lessons in leadership from the word of God by John C Maxwell. My daughter Julia gave me this Bible a few years ago and I still read it to this day.
Right now I am perusing page 67, on when God chooses a Leader.

It reveals how Moses provided a great case study on how God calls a Leader out of a crowd to perform an assignment.
Here are 8 key components:
1. He gives a leader an emotional investment in the work.
2. God affirms leaders through others.
3. God gives the leaders mentors.
4. God builds on leaders strength,experiences and background .
5. God often refines the leaders character in obscurity.
6 God instilled in the Leader the value of hard work .
7. God sustains that leader with the powerful vision.
And lastly 8. God brings others along side the leader to compensate for their weaknesses.
Pretty good stuff, right?
Are you in any form of Leadership?
If so, In what capacity ?

What night time reading ๐Ÿ“– is on your night stand?
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