Sunday, September 17, 2017

Money Making Mom by Crystal Paine


Ever come across a book that resonates to the bone ? That's exactly what happened this afternoon during a break at church. Came across New York Times bestselling Author Crystal Paine book, Money Making Mom . How every woman can earn more and make a difference.
Listen to this on page 12. Maybe you are a single mom and juggling three jobs for chump change is simply not cutting it. Then it goes to ask what does financial freedom mean to you. To think about it . To really think about it. This stopped me in my tracks because after completing Financial Peace University last summer, I'm reminded of the basic principles of budgeting. I still continue budgeting however it's always so discouraging with the three jobs and still struggling. I'll write a series soon in what Julia and I have recently done and changes we are planning .
Do you do a monthly budget?
Any changes brewing?
Are Holidays stressing you out?
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