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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Forever 21 with Julia Gonzalez (17)

Having a teenager I  venture into stores I normally wouldn't step foot in. I'm  52 years old ,5'1 and weigh 184 pounds. Yeah, I said it. Put myself on blast.  I'm working on it. I will always be working on it,right?

We stopped at Forever 21. As we walked around Julia saw such cute fashionable items. She spotted a jacket with a price tag of $62. Even though she works as a barista and has her own money, she knows a jacket at that price is not within a teenagers budget. Don't get me wrong she left there with several items under $41 dollars. If it were a special occasion I'm sure she would have considered it. I'm happy she is methodical on her purchases. She has me go with her to the dressing room and  models outfits. I love my opinion matters to her at the age 17. I can be honest and tell her some fabrics, cuts and designs are not flattering.

 It's also important to instill a sense of budget and modest dressing for that matter. We even go over tithing to our church and savings. They don't teach this stuff in High Schools like they should. I'm trying each day to rewire my brain pattern.  With all the woes and trouble in the world, it really does start at home. One child at a time. One Parent at at time.