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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Michael's Flower Stamp,Lunch bags & Taffeta Gift Bags

I've been holding on to these lunch bags for about a year acquired them from a yard sale last summer. Not really knowing what to do with them until last night when it came to me I would make them into little gift bags.

Here's a little "flower" cut out purchased at Michael's  .It's tiny and easy to use.
A small rool of "tan taffeta" purchased at a yard sale ,love the neutral coloring since it goes with anything.

Armed  with scissors and extra paper pieces - I was off to create one of a kind gift bags. Inexpensive ones at that!

Here's the finished product 

Pretty simple and basic! Easy on the eye and budget! 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Paris Design -Free Printable

How would you use this printable?

Card? Gift bag? Mod Podge box?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

OK so I couldn't pass on a box of 144 jars.

Ok, see this box? Saw it at a yard sale and had to open it. Wheaton Science Products sounded so is what I found ...............

144 vials for $5.00! I had no clue at the time what I would do with them however I HAD TO HAVE THEM....Is that wrong? Thoughts of the hoarder show danced like sugar plums in my head. Once I arrived  home I grabbed my 3M clear return address labels #3400-Q and made ......drum roll please.... 
 Got Buttons?

Beads and more beads

Any suggestions on what to do with the other 142?

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thank you for hosting a linky party to define our blogs!What a great idea! Well, here it goes!  
Yard Sale Junkie  taking it a day at a time looking for the wow factor. There’s plenty of junk in my trunk after a yard sale adventure and of course after a whole bag of lime flavored chips. I am a 47 year old Mother to Julia & Rodney and wanna be Domestic Cougar Goddess to Tito. I am an Operations Manager for a thriving Construction Company named of all things, Tool Time Construction.
 I am often asked about the T.V. show and no I am not the Tool Time Girl. I wish I could prance around in shorts with a Makita Drill in my hand all day long. Yet, reality hits and there’s payroll, audits, scheduling, time cards, H/R duties, email research and keeping our clients happy. With the stress of the week behind me, I venture out every Saturday morning to the local yard sales. I find great deals and even when I don’t, it relaxes me. I guess it’s better than sedatives and hitting the bottle right?  

Rachel’s Junk in the Trunk Blog is a snap shot of my life unexpected .Things in my life swirl just as much as they swirl in my head (bi polar? or just a busy working Mom?). I love everything and want to do it all which is reflected in my blogging style. I love shabby chic with a touch of Gothic & Gypsy. I wear thumb rings with business casual attire & heels. Funny, my clothing and decorating style swirl along side me like partners in crime. I invite you in to enjoy some “blogging time”.  

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Junk in the Trunk Project

I found Emily at a yard sale. She and her Sister Elizabeth, yes I named them, were 50 cents each.They were a  little dusty and plain yet I couldn't resist. I found paint at another yard sale so I spent Monday night painting . I wanted to give Emily an antique look. I found a cork in my craft box to use as a "look like it has chips"method. I take a regular cork from a wine bottle, before the paint dries ,rub the cork on the spots I want to create the "chipped" look. Bacially wiping away the paint.   

Here Emily sits with Elizabeth my next project. I ran out of daylight so she'll sit plain for another week.  

Emily looks like she went to a tanning booth next to Elizabeth -maybe she can make a cameo on Jersey Shores?