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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Vintage Bantam U.S. Toys Teddy Bear with Rattle

Tried finding out more about this cute little Teddy Bear. The seller claims it was given to her Mother back in the 1940's? What do you think?  I couldn't find anything about my little teddy bear.
Had to pry it away from Julia (13) she wanted to play with it! I did the adult thing and cried NO MY BEAR! .......hee..hee.....

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Pretty Plates and more

Every once in away I see a "pattern" of sorts at my yard sale finds. I can go to 10 different places and find a "theme". This past weekend I  found pretty plates, a rose pillow , ash tray and wine bottle topper from HOTEL de PARIS  8,Boulevard de la Madeleine Paris ,a  candle bird cage and Paris for Harriett reusable Memento Box.

Close up of one of the plates
Bird /Candle Cage

The inside of the momento box

 I love the saying "I shut my eyes in order to see"  by PauL Gaugin

Found these pretty plates for $1.00 each!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pigtown Atelier: Announcing Atelier Pigtown!

Pigtown Atelier: Announcing Atelier Pigtown!:The shop will feature some of Meg Fairfax Fielding of Pigtown Design  handmade items, like pillows and pennants, as well as books, silver and silver plate items, French Ivory cutlery imported specially from the UK, china from my extensive collection of blue and white pieces, antique engravings, photographs and much, much more!
Visit Pigtown Design!