Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day Seven

Rachel's Olympic Training Center
Let me catch my breathe,just flew off the trampoline. I started 3 days ago which I could only withstand  being on for 1 minute. Yeah, that's right my dear Blogger Buddies, 1 minute. 60 whole seconds. Each night I added a minute. Just did 3 whole minutes. Is that crazy or what? Tito, Mr.Motivator ,the mover and shaker of the family,yells out "DO ANOTHER MINUTE!" Gasping I manage to muster "NO I have a routine and I am only adding a minute a day" ! Disappointed he goes back to holding  his prize possession ,the remote. In the exercise department I am Venus to his Mars. I go through the start of a new exercise with baby steps while he starts out in marathon fashion. We will always be yin and yang, night and day and a little Lucy & Ricky Ricardo. Yet opposites attract right? Now that I am a serious trampoline artist nothing can get in my way. Hey I could one day have a work out video for woman over 40....OK over 47. For now, I am shaping up for the next yard sale hunt so look out bargains! I am in supper(OMG! I WROTE SUPPER,INSTEAD OF SUPER-THERE I GO THINKING ABOUT FOOD AFTER 7PM)  training mode!......I AM IN SUPER TRAINING MODE......Have you had any baby steps lately?    
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