Saturday, June 8, 2013

Target $1.00 Cilantro Grow Kit ! EASY PEASY!

Ever wonder how if these little grow kits work?
Cilantro (Coriadrum Satium)  Say that 3 times fast!
Seed Origin : Hungary

All this for $1.00 Amazing right?
  • 1 - Mini green house base
  • 1 - Package cilantro seeds
  • 2-  growing medium pallets
  • Instructions
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Are these really going to expland to be effective? Reminds me of the expanding kid sponges. Remember waiting and waiting for the dinosaur or other animal to appear. Here I am getting side tracked again.

Cute little mini green house

Let's start with the directions. I hope its easy and simple. Looks easy enough right?

  1. Place the growing medium pellets in a bowel or cup.
  2. Add approximately  6 tablespoons of lukewarm water.
  3. Let the pellets absorb the water.
  4. Use a a fork to fluff.
  5. Put the growing medium in the pot.
  6. Sow only 10 seeds in the pot and use the extra seeds in the garden.
  7. Place the seeds on top and lightly press the the seeds into the growing medium.
  8. Cover with lid and place in a sunny location.
  9. Keep moist.
  10. Transplant when the plants are 3" tall to a larger pot or in your garden.
  11. Be sure to add plant food when plants are 3" tall.
Those are 11 major steps and commitment. Holy cow am I ready for such a green thumb relationship with my little green house? Look below! Love it!

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