Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Kelly is Inspired: Bacon Egg and Toast Cups

Ok I am going to dust off the ol'apron and make Kelly's Bacon Egg and Toast Cups for breakfast-- before I hit the yardsales this weekend. Check out her blog:

Kelly is Inspired: Bacon Egg and Toast Cups

Monday, March 21, 2011

With everything going on in the world,I feel guilty thinking and searching for a back pack for school. Yet,it's time. My brief case and purse are too small.  I am all of 5'1" tall so I can't have a bag that is too big yet I love the Kenneth Cole messenger bags. I like  the color black because it goes with anything and regular back packs looked too kid like. What bag looks like "Hi ,I am  a  5'1" ,47 year old woman who went back to school? lol 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day Seven

Rachel's Olympic Training Center
Let me catch my breathe,just flew off the trampoline. I started 3 days ago which I could only withstand  being on for 1 minute. Yeah, that's right my dear Blogger Buddies, 1 minute. 60 whole seconds. Each night I added a minute. Just did 3 whole minutes. Is that crazy or what? Tito, Mr.Motivator ,the mover and shaker of the family,yells out "DO ANOTHER MINUTE!" Gasping I manage to muster "NO I have a routine and I am only adding a minute a day" ! Disappointed he goes back to holding  his prize possession ,the remote. In the exercise department I am Venus to his Mars. I go through the start of a new exercise with baby steps while he starts out in marathon fashion. We will always be yin and yang, night and day and a little Lucy & Ricky Ricardo. Yet opposites attract right? Now that I am a serious trampoline artist nothing can get in my way. Hey I could one day have a work out video for woman over 40....OK over 47. For now, I am shaping up for the next yard sale hunt so look out bargains! I am in supper(OMG! I WROTE SUPPER,INSTEAD OF SUPER-THERE I GO THINKING ABOUT FOOD AFTER 7PM)  training mode!......I AM IN SUPER TRAINING MODE......Have you had any baby steps lately?    

Monday, March 14, 2011

Day Six

 A few weeks ago Julia and I ventured to Cost Plus /World Market for the first time in a number of years. We stayed longer than we should have yet it was nice having Mother and Daughter time. She won't stay 12 forever.I already embarrass her on face book and   somehow this year in middle school I am no longer the cool Mom. She however is at the age where she  loves the mall thus never missing a beat when I ask if she wants to take a road trip. To her, Cost Plus World Market was "cool". Yeah score one for the ol' Mom!

I fell in love with this clean,crisp spring like patio set.

The green reminded me of St.Patrick's day which led me to this refreshing drink of choice down another isle:

I looked for the receipt on the website so I wouldn't think about eating after 7pm on day 6 and found the following:


World Market's Irish Coffee Recipe -
Irish Coffee
6 ounces
World Market® French Roast Coffee
1 tablespoon Torani Irish Cream Syrup, available in stores
2 ounces whipping cream
1 tablespoon Irish Whiskey*
Mix the coffee, Torani Irish Cream Syrup and whiskey together in a warm,
clear glass coffee mug. Place a spoon on the surface of the coffee and slowly pour the whipping cream over the spoon. Slowly move the spoon up as the layer of cream thickens to ensure that it remains on the surface of the coffee. Allow the cream to float on top without stirring.
*If you’d prefer a non-alcoholic version, simply leave this step out.
Remember this traditional blessing as you start your day the Irish way:
May your mornings bring joy, and your evenings bring peace…May your troubles grow less as your blessings increase!
Have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day on Thursday! Any special plans or traditions? My Mother always made corned beef and cabbage for St.Patty's Day. Yum ville! There I go think about food -again.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day Five

The Contraption,I mean trampoline.
Today was such a pretty day here in lovely San Diego. I opened all the windows to let the sun light up house. Had a full day off and how did I spend it? Cleaning,blogging, doing laundry and dabbling with my yard sale finds. I found a trampoline for $10. I thought it was a little pricey yet, the little girl who demonstrated her jumping techniques was just too cute. Her Dad was quite the salesman by having her jump up and down smiling and giggling without a care in the world. I melted like butter. After finding room for my new found trampoline in the Master Bedroom and thinking I was alone, I proceded  to bounce, like the little girl , carefree to my own little dance jig when I hear 12 year old Julia laughing and almost in tears. I thought any minute she would video tape me thus going viral on u tube. OK, so everything bounced along with me. I didn't realize how out of shape I was in. I was exhausted after 30 seconds! Here's another goal of mine,stay on the trampoline one day for 5 minutes. I dream big baby!
Shrimp & Capers Spaghetti
Julia took a picture of dinner. It's my Shrimp & Capers Spaghetti. I love how she captured the light on the fork handle like a sign of sorts,saying yeah you no eating after 7pm!   

 Simply Square
I also dabbled in creating some jewelry pieces.

Blue Heart

Overall it was a simple and relaxing Sunday. How was your Sunday?  

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day Four

I am concentrating on not eating after 7pm so I just spent an hour on line researching the items I found at this morning yard sale finds. I googled Bill Blass,Jones New York, Targets Merona  and more. All together the 7 pair of pants retailed for approximately $165.00. When I asked the seller how much she wanted for the pants she explained ," $1.00 each". The pants are gently worn .The only indication they were actually worn -no tags. She continued to share with retiring she will no longer need business attire.Feeling slightly guilty, I said are you sure? She nodded yes. I saved $158!

 It amazes me when I find  great prices for nice clothes. The seller is moving away from business attire and I, currently taking real estate classes, am heading towards changing my attire. This, mind you, is coming from a woman who still wears thumb rings and only dresses up for interviews, weddings,furnerals and graduations.

I am more the very casual business girl who likes comfort rather than a skirt. Several friends call me a camillion. I change looks daily from  casual jeans, gothic, gypsy to hippie. I call it "Rachel Wear". I never let trends define me however first impressions are crucial in the business world. I am uncomforatable in restricted clothing and don't get me started on nylons. They are so confining just the thought of wear nylons makes me itch! Don't get me wrong it's not like I wear sweats all day yet just the thought of slacks and blouses make me start to hyperventillate. Change is good in every aspect of our lives. When was the last time you were out of your comfort zone?    

Day Three

 It's 11:50pm and I am Craving   Italian. Tito and I went to Lido's, our  favorite Italian restaurant this evening braving the Friday night crowd . Left over buttered tortellini is sitting in the fridge calling my name. A few minutes ago the tasty tortellini's whispered sweet nothings to my subconscious. Feeling like Juliette, the tortellini's shouted forbidden love.  Battling my urge to dash to the fridge, I decided to blog as a form of therapy. I am sure a licensed therapist would have a field day and request the extra session plan. The place was crowded so time was not on my side. I scarfed down the salami,cheese and olive appetizers impatiently awaiting the arriving of my main dish by 6:40pm. With 20 minutes to spare- I made my don't eat after 7 pm deadline.

 After years of being together Tito and I can actually sit and talk without the kids being present. It was nice to have an unexpected date night. OK so it wasn't the most romantic dinner with me eyeing the clock however there was a sense of simplicity that I longed for when I was younger. I guess aging with grace isn't so bad. I will accept the gray hair and laugh lines with a sense of humbleness. Funny, Tito just came over to the computer as I longed for words to write he says in his Sylvester Stallone speak, "Hey...Yo Rachel  you want the last piece of pizza?" I replay," No, Rocky I mean Tito go for it". I guess in life we have to go for it or we will miss that last piece of pizza in life.     

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day Two

OK it's day 2 of not eating after 7pm. The hunger pains are not as strong as last night. I hit my 24 hour milestone without needing an I.V. or mouth to mouth. Well, unless Brad Pitt pulled himself away from Angelina long enough to show up at my door step. Overall my spirits are good. Now if my right eye would stop twitching long enough for me to get a few winks of sleep.Awe,visions of sugar plums dancing in my head. Hmm sugar plums.....   Sugarplums


I know it may sound silly however what really inspires and motivates me are "To Do List". As early as I can remember I was writing down list,checking them off one by one. It started in grade school by helping my Mother with the weekly grocery list. I learned  how to spell at an early age. I can remember Mr. Dushon my elementary  teacher saying ,"You're in 4th grade reading at 8th grade level!" I was so proud of myself. Through the years my "To Do List" kept me focus and helped with the pros and cons of my life. From reasoning a bad relationship, my future goals to having my own grocery list as an adult. My "To Do List" was with me through all the facets of my ups and downs. Especially the times when errands need mapping out, over due bills are towering and  my time management  skills are lacking, I know it's time to find the ol' post it notes. I find creating my list relaxes me. I guess its better than hitting the bottle or eating that second Hershey bar.

 A typical list :

1. Don't eat after seven
2. Pay cable bill
3. Stock up on Hershey bars
4. Go to bed earlier
5. Count to 10 and don't forget to breathe
6. Stop rolling eyes and shaking head at Husband
7. Check Daughters facebook page
8. Stock up on any chocolate
9. Check thermostat or am I having a hot flash.
10. Throw skinny jeans away.

See I feel better all ready!
How would your list read?

The Total Money Makeover

 I just began reading Dave Ramsey The Total Money Makeover it seems like it's going to be a good read. He states" Don't even consider keeping up with the Joneses ,they're broke. Hilarious!  

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day One

Ok this is my first night "not" eating after 7pm. I can barely hear the keyboard clicks with my stomach growling. You would think it's been days rather than 3.39hours. It's like I need to get a grip,there are so many homeless people who are going without tonight and here, I'm complaining. I have the essentials , a roof over my head ,a place to lay my head and the love of family. Yeah, family. Tito is holding the remote for dear life and changing the channels like he's in a contest to see how many channels he can scan in 60 seconds while Julia is texting in her sleep. I think her thumbs are going to look funny when she gets to be my age. Oh see, I forget about chocolate for a few minutes. I better wash my face and crawl into bed before I break my cardinal rule of eating tonight. Let me embrace my humble little family with grace and light instead of filling up on carbs tonight. Instead of counting sheep,I'll count cheeseburgers.  

Coffee Break

I have officially made it a rule for myself -partaking of an actual coffee break during the day.
You know that one person in the office who NEVER takes a break and keeps going like the energizer bunny?
Well, that's me.
I'd rather be a cute snow bunny yet that's a different story.
I thought about it on the way to work and for whatever reason, TODAY is the day I will stop twice a day and smell the roses for 15 minutes.
If you saw the carpet in this office you would know there's no smelling of the roses here. It's more like construction worker boot tracking's consisting of drywall, paint or mud.
I also realized it's Ash Wednesday therefore it's the start of my annual give something up for lent. I have always given something up for 40 days and 40 nights however this time---drum roll pleasssseee........... I am giving up not eating after 7pm.

Which is like asking me not to breathe.

There was a time and place back in my early years when I worked out 7 days a week and had a personal trainer thus eating late didn't make sense.
Now I can't even walk around the block without visions of cheeseburgers dancing in my head.

Don’t get me started on the chocolate cravings…….

Oh yeah, let me take my break…….What is it you do on your coffee breaks? 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Avatar Girl

My daughter Julia has a way nicer phone then I will ever need or desire. She
was showing me what her phone can do when we came across creating an
Avatar.I jumped in with my creative juices flowing choosing an outfit,hair
color & style, clothes, purse even down to the skin color. I must not get
out much because I was so excited. Here she is.... Rachel in Avatar Fashion.
Wouldn't it be nice to be an avatar for even a day?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Taylormade R11 Driver Giva-A-Way | Peak Performance Golf Swing

To all of Tito's golf Buddies check out this Driver give away.
Tito is feeling lucky. He won a membership to the Aviara Golf Club formerly The Four Seasons in Carlsbad!

Taylormade R11 Driver Giva-A-Way Peak Performance Golf Swing

Here's my entry :

My question is .....Who is Russel Bronson?? I am setting here laughing and I don't know why. You guys were cute-too funny. My Husband Tito Thompson is feeling lucky. He won a membership to Aviara Golf Club, Formerly The Four Seasons Resort in Carlsbad,CA JUST today! A $1,500 value. He asked me to check this out. Tito loves golf and is pretty good. He missed the PAT score by a few strokes. He could really use tips from Bronson & Paul. I would love for you to pick him so we can film his swing @ Aviara. Thank you for making me laugh after a hard day at work. You guys are awesome! You should take your show on the road!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Lamp & the Light of our lives

This lamp caught my eye. It actual works! I must have been in a nostalgic mood because this was the vibe I was drawing from this weekend's yard sale adventure. From old pictures to lamps it was nice to see other peoples treasures. Speaking of treasures, "Baby", who managed to get into the photo, is our family treasure. She was abandoned as a baby. By the time we were asked to adopt her, she had been in 4 different homes-she was only 4 months old! Now, here it is 2 years later and she is a treasured Princess who rules the house.   

One of my Favorites Artwork Finds

I fell in love with this art work at my latest yard sale outing. The Owner
mentioned the picture belonged to her Grandmother. The colors are pretty and
spring like. I wish I could wear a similar dress and not embarrass the

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Giving Back

Julia (12) joined the YMCA a year ago after her Pediatrician voiced his concerned about her weight. She now enjoys playing on the co-ed  Basketball Team , utilizes the Teen Center  and gym facility. Not only did she go from a size 11 to a size 5, She met new friends, learned about  sportsmanship & team building skills. I can honestly say the "Y" in our community has changed our lives and enriched Julia's self esteem. This is why we ,as a family, have donated not only money yet volunteered our time to help raise money and awareness voicing how important the Y is for families.
  Charging on for The YMCA!!!!!!!

Each day families in our community are threatened by drugs, gangs and obesity. The  YMCA  is there to help. At the East County Family YMCA strengthening our community is our cause. The volunteer  and staff understand the importance of providing a positive and safe environment for kids and families to learn, grow and thrive.
Working side by side with our neighbors,  The East County-San Diego YMCA   has added a third facility; expanding our outreach and filling a void for youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility. The EAST COUNTY YMCA is more equipped to serve the community of 800,000+ residents now with three convenient locations.
They are committed to provide affordable child care and day camps, develop leadership programs for teens, strengthen families with health and fitness classes and so many other programs that promote a healthy spirit, mind and body. And yet, they can do more!
Thanks to the generosity of community-minded supporters, and events such as the Annual Giving Program   The  Y enriches the lives of approximately 1 out of 10 households living in East County,San Diego. We can do better! We'd like to expand our outreach and enhance the lives of 2 out of 10 households by 2012. We are confident that with your help we can accomplish this goal. Lasting personal and social change can only come about when we all work together. Join us - we could use someone like you!

Please follow the link  to give what you can. Add our names: Rachel Lloyd, Julia Gonzalez & Tito Thompson as the referral .

 Thank you so much!  

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Favorite Recipes

Gambas al Ajillo

I came across this blog and it was awesome!
 Visit Alma's Blog  My Kitchen and Photography

Alma writes all about the food she's baked,cooked,eaten and the places she's been. All photographs were taken by her ,using  a Canon EOS 50D and Sony Cybershot T300. It's such an awesome combination: Food, recipes and great photography!

Getting Back to Basics

"Pondering the Basics "

On my medical leave sabbatical from giving readings I have learned many lessons. Thought I would jot just a few down: Can anyone relate?

• Practicing what I preach is not as easy as I thought.
• Between bills, food, work & family life - how do you really find "me" time?
• I don't like uttering the words" No, I do not predict exact lotto numbers".
• No, I will not fit into skinny jeans.
• All families have drama; we could all have our own reality shows. Hmmm...Wonder what the title would be?
• How do we age gracefully without forking over hundreds of dollars?
• Can the Glenn Becks & Al Sharptons of the world hug with grace and humility?

I could go on and on,as I am sure you could. I think we just need to sit, reflect - get all the blues out of our system and recharge.

For today let's reflect on gratitude,family,budgeting,food,shelter , giving & prayer .

Let's get back down to the basics .

B- ALANCE - Even flow of activity with self & family
A- PPRECIATION - Gratitude for the good and the lessons
S- IMPLICITY - Peace of mind with self and spirit
I-  NTEREST - Passionately  create a bucket list and do
C- ARE - Giving back to family and community
S- AVE - Living beneath your means-yeah YARD SALES!  

Friday, January 21, 2011

Chakra Work Area with all items purchased from Yard Sales

Just working on my Chakra Home Office Area. I have limited space now. Went from a 15 x 10 room to 1/2 the size. I'm making it work though. I have all the essentials, massage table, The Seven Chakra stones,candles and oils.  I am working on opening my Solar Plexus Chakra, it's right below the rib cage. This area is associated with self worth,our own personality,ego and the way we perceives others and ourselves. It connects with our selfish behaviours and the need to dominate. It is the center of personal power and intellect,our perceptions regarding control,freedom and power. Even if you don't believe in this "stuff" it doesn't hurt to think about right?